Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Product: Branche Charmeuse Pillow Case


For more information call Samuel Augustin (514)620-4041 or visit Branche's website.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Season

 Wedding season is now in full swing so make your appointments all of you brides-to-be! May I suggest you book for a trial a good 3 weeks prior to your wedding day to make sure you love the hairdo you've chosen. Not sure which hairdresser to book for your special day? Our award-winning notable hairstylist Carmen Pedulla has been in the business for most of her life and creates works of art. She is known around Montreal to produce the best of best bridal updos that make any bride-to-be feel special on their wedding day.

With a staff of over 45, Salon Samuel Augustin also provides services for your bridesmaids and flower girls with excellent customer service, efficiency, and quality hairstyles for that special yet hectic day. For further information visit our website and call Salon Samuel Augustin directly at (514)620-4041 for prices and to make your appointments. Prices vary depending on the style you wish to have and which hairstylist you decide to choose; discuss prices with your hairdresser.

I have included (just for the fun of it) some beautiful wedding images I came upon:

Prom 2010

Prom season is just around the corner and I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you my absolute favorite hairstyles for Prom. Rather than doing the updos that are so tight that they pull your scalp with that huge bun thing high up on the crown of your head, try something different! Instead, I will give you several options of updated updos and some simple, sexy hair styles that are not typical Prom at all. If there are any looks you really like just print out the image and show it to one of our hairdressers at Salon Samuel Augustin.

Here is an example of my favorite updo:

The Romantic

Or, if you don't feel like having an updo, but still want something beautiful:

Try doing loose, long waves. It's nothing too crazy, but it's definitely a gorgeous look and classic! You can even do it with a beautiful "flower child" headband.

The Sultry Look

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hair Look: Big Miami Hair

I love big curly hair like Shakira during the summer, it's so sultry, sexy, and exotic. It reminds me of Miami, Versace, tacky neon colors, big hoops, tanned skin, smokey eyes, and platform sandal stripper shoes...amazing! It's a look you definitely cannot pull off in Montreal (except for the hair), so if you ever want to dress like that you'll have to go to Miami only. Unfortunately not everyone has big hair like this so those of you who do have it...embrace it! I used to always complain about my curly hair because I wanted it to be straight, but now I'm so glad I have it and I try to make it as big as possible in the summer!

Salon Samuel Augustin sells a lot of different curling products, but my favorite is definitely the Curl Creme for fine hair by Bumble and Bumble, it's amazing because it defines my curls and at the same time makes my hair big and full and not frizzy!

Here are some editorial photographs of big Miami hair:

Elle Espana March '08
Photographer: Mario Sierra
Model: Ana Beatriz Barros (Victoria's Secret Model)

Product of the Week: Surf Spray

Summer has officially arrived and although many of you might be heading to some tropical, exotic location for a relaxing vacation, many of you might not be. For those of you who are not don't fret because even though you won't be sinking your toes into the hot sand or soaking up the sun or swimming in a clear blue ocean, you can look like you have been! Along with visiting your local bronzage a couple of times, or actually no I'm being a bad influence...spray tan is safer, you can also spray in your hair some Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. 

I'm telling you this stuff actually works; it makes your hair feel, look, and even smell like you've been at the beach all day...but in a good way! It gives your hair this salty, sexy, beachy, been-surfing-all-day kind of style that is perfect for those of you with already thin, wavy hair. You can apply before or after styling on damp or dry hair, but don't spray too much and don't touch your hair too much after applying because it might not hold as well. Even though this product is ideal for people with thin, wavy hair I used it once after quickly blow drying my hair straight (I have curly hair) and applied some on during the summer and it looked great! Even guys with semi-long hair can use it and it'll look like they've been surfing in Hawaii all day.

For more information call (514)620-4041 or go to Salon Samuel Augustin to purchase. I am warning you that during the summer this product sells out FAST, I've had clients call and ask me to put them on hold so go get one now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product of the Week: Chronologiste

          Not only is Chronologiste by Kerastase the "Product of the Week", but perhaps the product of the decade! This is the best of the best hair treatment that exists and Salon Samuel Augustin has just received it. This treatment is extremely high-end containing two rare ingredients: a rich essential cream and the pearls of mimetic caviar (yes I said caviar).

How it works:
     It replenishes hair fibre making the hair smooth, soft, and shiny and regenerates the scalp making it healthy and strong.

How to apply:
     After shampooing your hair blend the caviar pearls with the cream and apply section by section to the scalp, lengths, and ends. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then apply a small dose of water and massage the treatment through the hair and then rinse completely. Do this once a week.

How to get it:
     Come to Salon Samuel Augustin to have the treatment applied onto your hair from one of our trained hairdressers for 75$ or buy it at our salon for 150$, which will last you several weeks.

Photograph and information courtesy of Kerastase website

For more information and to receive this treatment visit Salon Samuel Augustin and call (514)620-4041

Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyle Idea: Gisele Budchen

I personally think that Gisele Bundchen has the nicest hair ever. Not only is it long and shiny and healthy, but the bronze color is to die for! It contains that perfect mix of both blond and brunette. However it's difficult to get it just right because it could look a bit on the orange side if not done properly.

How to obtain this look: 
       Go see one of Salon Samuel Augustin's very talented and experienced colorists: Bonnie, Cara, Niko, Gloria, or Carolyn! To get that shiny healthy look try our new caviar treatment (yes I know this sounds insanely amazing! Don't worry I will be writing a post in the near future all about this luxurious treatment).

       I have added some editorial photographs from Harper's Bazaar US June 2007 where Gisele is being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld in couture gowns. If this is the hair you're dreaming of print out these pictures and bring them to one of our experienced colorists!

Another celebrity who has this look is: Jennifer Aniston

Call (514)620-4041 to make an appointment for your color.

Editorial Photographs Courtesy of Dustjacket Attic

Friday, April 30, 2010

Product of the Week: Oleo-Relax by Kerastase

    The Oleo-Relax line by Kerastase are for those of you who have very dry, crazy, and/or rebellious hair. Usually these hair symptoms derive from either having naturally curly hair, using a lot of hot styling tools, or over processing the hair...or all three! This line is absolutely amazing...I swear by it! I personally have very dry, rebellious, curly hair that without these products would be unmanageable. There are three vital products that are needed to tame your crazy hair: 1) Bain Oleo-Relax, 2) Masque Oleo-Relax, and finally 3) Serum Oleo-Relax.

Bain Oleo-Relax - 34$
     This is the shampoo that cleanses and relaxes your hair. I suggest that since you already have dry hair that you should only shampoo once (some people however like to shampoo their hair twice while in the shower). Over shampooing your hair could make your hair even dryer, plus you want to keep some of your natural oils and not completely strip all oils from your hair, which as a result will make your hair dry. Kerastase tends to be a strong product line that is extremely intense (because it contains silicone) and affective, so I suggest that you do not wash your hair with this shampoo on a daily basis, it might be too much for your hair.

Masque Oleo-Relax - 58$

      This masque is amazing and most masques say to use them once a week or even once every two weeks, but since whoever is using this has dry and rebellious hair you should most probably use it more often than that. I personally do not even use conditioner because I instead use a masque as my daily conditioner. I swear my hair just soaks it all up! Not normal! After shampooing your hair with Bain Oleo-Relax towel dry your hair and apply a small amount onto your hair starting from the root to the ends and comb through. Leave it in for at least 5 minutes, if you have more time leave it in for longer. The directions say to rinse with warm water, but I have quite a hair styling secret to share with all of you! The best thing to do is rinse it out with cold water because that will close the pores on your scalp and make your hair feel silky smooth and give you mega shine. Rinsing your head in the shower with cold water might not be the most appealing or pleasant thing to do, but one must suffer at least a little bit for beauty.

Serum Oleo-Relax - 36$

     Last but definitely not least is the serum that you should apply after rinsing out the Masque Oleo-Relax and towel drying your hair once again. Use one to two pumps and it will protect your hair from frizz and instead bring out shine and make your hair smooth and healthy. I suggest working from the ends to the roots, focusing largely from the middle part of your hair length to the ends because you do not want your roots to appear greasy in any way. Once you have applied the serum you may style your hair as you normally do.

     So there you have it! A 3-step solution to taming dry and rebellious hair. You no longer have to worry about frizz during those hot summer days because you now have ultimate control thanks to the Oleo-Relax line by Kerastase.

- For more information go to

- To purchase these products go to Salon Samuel Augustin.

Photographs courtesy of Kerastase and Beauty Snob

Thursday, April 29, 2010


    Welcome to the official Salon Samuel Augustin blog! I will be posting on a weekly basis upcoming promotions, amazing products, introducing the hairstylists, and the newest hairstyles. In addition I will be discussing fashion and beauty in relation to the art of hairstyling. 

     Samuel Augustin was created by the Agostino family in 1982 and was introduced as a revolutionary salon in the West Island of Montreal. Thanks to the salon's solid work ethic and commitment to offering outstanding service, Samuel Augustin now reigns as the premiere hair salon in Montreal and top ten in Canada. The salon is a reflection of the Agostino family's vision to create a luxurious environment where both men and women can indulge themselves with some of the finest hair services available. At Samuel Augustin, the emphasis is always on the individual, as we help our clients express their unique personalities through superb cutting, coloring, styling and hair treatments.

      In January of 2006, Samuel Augustin launched its West Island flagship salon, one of the largest and certainly most talked about salons to open in years. From the moment you step inside the second floor location, you will be amazed by the stunning and personalized design elements that exemplify the Augustin approach. Enjoy our private lounge area, relaxing wash stations, and our unique open concept color bar as Sam and his design team practice their craft.

      Salon Samuel Augustin is the ultimate beauty destination for people looking for an edgy lifestyle. Augustin offers relaxed, classy, professional 5 star service. Samuel Augustin believes that hair should be worked within its natural state, treated as an extension of who you are, and that it should be shaped and balanced to reflect your individuality and reveal your beauty.

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