Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product of the Week: Surf Spray

Summer has officially arrived and although many of you might be heading to some tropical, exotic location for a relaxing vacation, many of you might not be. For those of you who are not don't fret because even though you won't be sinking your toes into the hot sand or soaking up the sun or swimming in a clear blue ocean, you can look like you have been! Along with visiting your local bronzage a couple of times, or actually no I'm being a bad influence...spray tan is safer, you can also spray in your hair some Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. 

I'm telling you this stuff actually works; it makes your hair feel, look, and even smell like you've been at the beach all day...but in a good way! It gives your hair this salty, sexy, beachy, been-surfing-all-day kind of style that is perfect for those of you with already thin, wavy hair. You can apply before or after styling on damp or dry hair, but don't spray too much and don't touch your hair too much after applying because it might not hold as well. Even though this product is ideal for people with thin, wavy hair I used it once after quickly blow drying my hair straight (I have curly hair) and applied some on during the summer and it looked great! Even guys with semi-long hair can use it and it'll look like they've been surfing in Hawaii all day.

For more information call (514)620-4041 or go to Salon Samuel Augustin to purchase. I am warning you that during the summer this product sells out FAST, I've had clients call and ask me to put them on hold so go get one now!

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