Friday, April 30, 2010

Product of the Week: Oleo-Relax by Kerastase

    The Oleo-Relax line by Kerastase are for those of you who have very dry, crazy, and/or rebellious hair. Usually these hair symptoms derive from either having naturally curly hair, using a lot of hot styling tools, or over processing the hair...or all three! This line is absolutely amazing...I swear by it! I personally have very dry, rebellious, curly hair that without these products would be unmanageable. There are three vital products that are needed to tame your crazy hair: 1) Bain Oleo-Relax, 2) Masque Oleo-Relax, and finally 3) Serum Oleo-Relax.

Bain Oleo-Relax - 34$
     This is the shampoo that cleanses and relaxes your hair. I suggest that since you already have dry hair that you should only shampoo once (some people however like to shampoo their hair twice while in the shower). Over shampooing your hair could make your hair even dryer, plus you want to keep some of your natural oils and not completely strip all oils from your hair, which as a result will make your hair dry. Kerastase tends to be a strong product line that is extremely intense (because it contains silicone) and affective, so I suggest that you do not wash your hair with this shampoo on a daily basis, it might be too much for your hair.

Masque Oleo-Relax - 58$

      This masque is amazing and most masques say to use them once a week or even once every two weeks, but since whoever is using this has dry and rebellious hair you should most probably use it more often than that. I personally do not even use conditioner because I instead use a masque as my daily conditioner. I swear my hair just soaks it all up! Not normal! After shampooing your hair with Bain Oleo-Relax towel dry your hair and apply a small amount onto your hair starting from the root to the ends and comb through. Leave it in for at least 5 minutes, if you have more time leave it in for longer. The directions say to rinse with warm water, but I have quite a hair styling secret to share with all of you! The best thing to do is rinse it out with cold water because that will close the pores on your scalp and make your hair feel silky smooth and give you mega shine. Rinsing your head in the shower with cold water might not be the most appealing or pleasant thing to do, but one must suffer at least a little bit for beauty.

Serum Oleo-Relax - 36$

     Last but definitely not least is the serum that you should apply after rinsing out the Masque Oleo-Relax and towel drying your hair once again. Use one to two pumps and it will protect your hair from frizz and instead bring out shine and make your hair smooth and healthy. I suggest working from the ends to the roots, focusing largely from the middle part of your hair length to the ends because you do not want your roots to appear greasy in any way. Once you have applied the serum you may style your hair as you normally do.

     So there you have it! A 3-step solution to taming dry and rebellious hair. You no longer have to worry about frizz during those hot summer days because you now have ultimate control thanks to the Oleo-Relax line by Kerastase.

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Photographs courtesy of Kerastase and Beauty Snob

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